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had been further strengthened ▓by the addition of the 34th ▓and 42nd Regiments up to about 53,000 men, ▓or forty-six battalions, ninety● squadrons and ninety guns, and then th▓e Duke of Cumberland decided on a●ttempting to raise the siege of

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Tourn▓ay, which was being conducted by Marshal Sax▓e, and suffered a severe defeat. The French ▓position was extremely strong, and Barri wood▓ on the left, Fontenoy in the centre, and ▓St.Antoine on the riv

  • rson.Thackeray,▓ no great admirer of the George▓s,
  • thus writes of him: “Whenever we hear of
  • ▓dapper George at war, it is certain that he ▓demeaned himsel
  • f like a little ●man of valour.At Dettingen his h
  • orse ran away w▓ith him, and with d
  • ifficulty was stopped from ca●rrying him into the enemy’s l▓ines.



er on the right w●ere most carefully fortified and entrenc●hed and defended by 260 guns.Here it w▓as, as the attack developed, th▓e story is told of the meeting of t●he British and French Guards●, when the form

er, saluting with raised ha●ts, called to their opponents, “Gen▓tlemen of the French Guards, fire!” The● Highlanders behaved with extraord●inary cou

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  • he fierce battle-cry of “Remember Limeric●k and Saxon faith” showed that pas▓t evils were not forgotten, and added racial ant●ipathy to natural courage.The ▓broken, wearied troops were too much shaken ▓to meet so fierce a charge of ▓quite fresh men

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  • ; and hence the Irish● counter attack fully succeeded, and▓ the British retired sullenly, beaten.The Alli●es had lost 21,000 men, killed1●04 and wounded, against 8000 of their▓ adversaries; but, outnumbered and exhau▓sted as the British were, they ac

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  • counted▓ for one-third of the men and one-fourth of th●e officers of the Irish Brigade. Natu▓rally King George was disturbed b▓y so serious a defeat; and na▓turally, perhaps, he might have felt▓ and

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un away,’ a▓nd placed hi mself at the head of the foot,
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